Advanced Biomedical Computational Science





5 September 2019 at 12 - 1 PM
in Bldg 426 Conf Rm or WebEx

Continuous Integration

by Chris Wolcott, Danny Watson and David Mott

At this Programmer’s Corner an Introduction to Version Control using Git and Introduction to Continuous Integration will be shared by Danny Watson and David Mott from ABCS (Advanced Biomedical Computational Science). Continuous integration requires increased communication between team members, leading to earlier detection of potential problems and less time wasted chasing down bugs.

Introduction to Version Control using Git - Presented by Danny Watson

A version control system(VCS) makes it easier to track changes to files. In this presentation, we explore basic version control using Git, a popular distributed version control system that is easy to use and open source. When you edit a file, Git can help you determine exactly what changed, who changed it, and why, thereby helping to coordinate many activities of a software development project. In this talk practical examples are shown how a distributed version control system such as git can help you to keep your software project well-organized and on track.

Introduction to Continuous Integration – Presented by David Mott

Continuous Integration encourages collaboration between developers and testers within a software development process. In this presentation, we will discuss the background and relevance of Continuous Integration along with how it can be an important part of a “DevOps” automation framework. Hands-on examples of the Jenkins application will also be shown. Concrete cases of Continuous Integration within the FNLCR will be presented.

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